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Rinse tank almost ready

steve2steve2 Posts: 35Member
Just thought i would show you guys how its coming along
photo BB78F349-7E95-4E30-ADA9-814799026D4B.jpg
photo CC6AB2A0-47B7-48CE-B30E-3797045F8CD1.jpg
photo 7263B440-7A0A-4AFB-ADBE-96CEBF9939AA.jpg
photo F67EDE08-AAD5-42DC-9FD3-AC0B270270C9.jpg
photo 1580FA07-E270-4318-B837-0386B68CD094.jpg
photo 448BCEF5-96B1-4318-ABBE-1D02DF430ACF.jpg
photo B49336B4-1930-4D78-BF8B-3AE0F70DF353.jpg


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