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I just had a guy ask me about doing some game controllers, he asked how much for 1, 5, 10, 20. I have never done any bulk items and don't know how to price them. Im only a 1 man shop. I know some people charge around $50 for 1, but what about an on going project?


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    That's a difficult question. I have a fairly complicated spreadsheet that I use to calculate profit margins. I do sample parts, track coating volumes and man hours, then multiply by a shop rate and calculate my gross profit margin from that. I have a lot of time/effort invested in it, so I don't share it freely. But you can do something similar. If you can run samples for him (maybe 5?, charge or not, that's up to you) then measure your times, figure out fixtures to dip multiple, etc. then calculate out your price/part using basic profit margin calculations.
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    I would never go below $20 for the top and bottom of a controller...and don't fall into the "Discounts for numbers" BS...just tell him to send ya what he one who is serious can believe 20 controllers is any kind of volume discount number anyways...

    20 seriously?...Tell him to come back when he has 20 THOUSAND...then you can talk discount...

    What are those guys thinking?..20...pffft....
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    Charge what you charge. When a few hundred parts show up, you can start talking discount. For now, get what it costs you.
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    Agree with everything said above. For the work that goes into 1, 5, 10, 20 game controllers the discount for those small numbers should be very minimal. If he is willing to commit in a contract to larger quantities you can talk discounts, but until you know he is serious and you will actually get the "ongoing" work you are selling yourself short if you do any significant discounts for these little volumes. At even qty. 20 that hardly classifies as "bulk" for this type of work...
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    Thanks for the help! I will get more info this weekend. 
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    Charge  what you would for 1. I have been told so many times by customers “well what if I bring 10 or 20, what is the price. Never once did they come back with 10 or 20 , so I charged them the same as the first one 
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