Trouble with Fractol Camo film

I have been having trouble with the fractal camo film.  I have dipped over a 100 Harley Davidson horn covers, And I have 2 patterns from fractol camo that every time I rinse, the film comes completely off and sometimes paint comes all the way off too.  I'm using OHW paint, 90゚ water, I have tried super brew, hydro Vater, and hydro gator Activator.  I have let is soak from 60 seconds to 90 seconds, I have waited from 10 seconds to 30 seconds after activating, And  I  Have rinsed it right away and waited in different intervals all the way up till 20 minutes later to rinse. I have changed how much activator I'm using and nothing helps.  But as soon as i use a different film, i have no problems.  Please help. 


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    Dont let the film glass out leave it kinda grainy looking and k2 superbrew works well
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    Fractal films are custom printed so its gonna be different from all your production films. I have 80 plus different films from there and its just a learning curve to custom films. I run 60sec soak water 85 degrees and 20 to 30 sec dwell depending the colors in the film and rinse 5 mins after. I use superbrew but have used dip juice, hydrosolutions activator and ink drink all with great success. I shoot with a 1.8 and spray it heavier than production films
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    I have waited 30 seconds,  and rinsed at 5 minutes.  Comes right off.  
  • kevkoskevkos Posts: 45Member
    I just tried the Super brew, same thing 
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    Post pics. If you paint is coming of during rinse then it sounds like you are over activating. But we needs pics to help
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    Yeah... Paint coming off also is a major clue. Deviousdips activates custom printed film heavily with all types of cool activators without any problems. The next clue is that the ink sometimes rinses off. Again, a paint problem..... But not necessarily a problem with the paint, but a problem with the application and drying level of the paint. Quite often people have a tendency to "overpaint". all you need is a light basecoat with just enough paint to color the substrate. NO MORE. If you want thick paint, do it with the clear coat!
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