jelly is not always yummy

new to dipping, i bought a huge **badword** tank, got water to temp 90-93, laid the film down, did all steps proper but when i spray my activator and wait a bit the film doesnt fully dissolve and remains a gel like viscosity, if i spray more activator prior to dipping the image disperses :( we plan to try different films and activators from different companies to find the best results but if anyone has recommendations before i shell out hundreds more that would be muchly appreciated


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    As far as film go with the forum sponsors.... I prefer superbrew for activator, but I keep k2brew and hydrovator on had incase I need it.

    The film doesn't dissolve so to speak.... and yes it should seem somewhat like a gel..
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    Look around here and watch all the videos available to you... you are gonna learn a lot
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    The film is not supposed to fully dissolve! How would the ink stay arranged if the film fully dissolved? It's supposed to remain at a gel-like consistency.
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    Have you had any training? Sounds like you need to look into some classes. This is not as easy as YouTube makes it look. 
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    Welcome to the forum...glad to have you!...
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    there are no classes in my city, i wish there was, but i taught myself how to tint cars, how to paint cars and how to wrap cars with vinyl, next is hydro. ive built a huge business here in my town with top google reviews on my work. thankful for the tips guys ill keep at it .
  • WileECoyoteWileECoyote Posts: 6,885Member, Moderator, Business Ninja El Moderator
    Yeah, if you want a class, you are going to have to travel. Guys have traveled from England over to the states to learn, and easily a 12 hour drive... Training saves 2 years of trial and error, just food for thought
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    @Wpg_Buster welcome to the forum from nj and were are you from?
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    Welcome to the forum. Please post pictures when you have trouble so the members can assist you. Like others have said training will cut you learning curve and save money in the long run. I first learned by watching Jim's video's and trial and error. After a year I purchased a larger tank and took training at Liquid Concepts. Several years later I was having trouble with redo rate on a production job so I did a custom course at Big Brain. Training was the best investment I have made.
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