New on the scene in Detroit.

Just starting out. I'm excited to be here.  I have a lot of reading to do and even more mistakes to make.
 I know that this forum is the right place for me to be and participate.   Thank you in advance for having me and all the help, opinions, criticisms that are ahead. 
Thanks, John.  


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    Welcome to the forum from nj 
  • browndogbrowndog Posts: 6Member
    Welcome to the forum. Im also quite new and this forum has been a great resource if you are willing to sit and commit some time to reading all of the great information.
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    welcome to the forum
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    Welcome, John! I'm glad to see you are starting off with the right attitude. You will go a long way when learning from the forum membership is your first priority.
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    Welcome aboard John!
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  • jclark44jclark44 Posts: 21Member
    Thank you.  I was in the automotive expedite / transportation industry for 20yrs.  The best tool to come around was the industry forums.

    As a professional, I acquired knowledge and relationships that proved to be valuable. I also shared my experiences and helped many people during my time.

    I just finally have my tanks and equipment up and operational and I am gonna start dipping all my samples I have ready to go and start recording all my dips and see how I do. 

    Failure is just success in progress.! 

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    Good attitude...welcome to the forum and thank you for participating!...
  • NotSoFastNotSoFast Posts: 3,345Member, Moderator El Moderator
    Welcome. Take pics/videos of your mistakes. It will help us diagnose the problems better than you just asking why you have holes in the print, etc.
  • jclark44jclark44 Posts: 21Member
    NotSoFast said:
    Welcome. Take pics/videos of your mistakes. It will help us diagnose the problems better than you just asking why you have holes in the print, etc.
    Thank you.   I will very soon.   Appriciate the offer.  I started with the aerosol can activator waiting on my GPI gun I purchased from here.

    I love it. What a difference of course, but now its dialing it in and getting my under/over activator problems dialed in.  Definitely technique.   Lots of you tube and forum references 

    The best part out of this is every time I dip and see a issue I just come on here, search what I need and 9/10 I am able to find the answer and go back and get better each time.

    Patience plays such a major role in this. I do not have any, however, I'm learning to have them real fast.   It's fun even with the mistakes it just makes me that much more determined.   

    And tomorrow I start spraying OHW paint with a Atom 16 spray gun.  I have been using the aerosol from OHW. Great paint but nothing like spraying from a gun.

    Thank you again   photos soon!  
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    If you bought a GPI from k2, it should have been set up and ready to go...

    Learn how to read your film ! A good light over your tank is a must ....

    And yes... the search bar on this forum is far more useful than you tube will ever be....

    Use the forum sponsors for your supplies, they will bend over backwards for you ! I have never had a bad experience with any of them. Yet I have had my a$$ burnt by others when I started out, its a wonder I even kept goin.. But , with the help of damn good people on here, I made it lol.

    Look into getting some training. Two days of proper training might save you two years of mistakes .....

    Welcome to the forum , you'll like it here !
  • jclark44jclark44 Posts: 21Member
    I agree and thank you !
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