Tank Heating Questions

So for the guys who live in colder climates how are you keeping your tanks to temp?
Is it more cost effective to get it to temp and leave it on 24/7 or rather than spending hours bringing it to temp each time you need to use it?

I have a liquid print MDT -27 that is wrapped in 1" insulation board with a lid made out of it as well. Currently i'm not dipping everyday so I have only been going out every few days and bringing the tank to temp. It takes roughly 4-5 hours to bring to temp by using the spray bar to recirculate water through the tank. There has to be a better way that doesn't require me to use my spray bar for hours and put the wear and tear on the main pump.

Right now Ohio weather is around 30-40 degrees during the day and has dropped to high teens at night and the tank has dropped to around 56 degrees. This is after 3-4 days of not being on.

My initial thought is to supplement a constant heat source with a 1000w aquarium heater that I would just leave on constantly when the tank isn't in use. I have read in searched post where this works well for guys, but the post were a few years old. I wasn't sure if there was something better by now.


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