Film Expansion

On a daily basis I am dealing with film expansion issues, I've adjusted water flow, water temp, fan angle, fan speeds, and its not working. Any helpful hints out there to get better expansion? Thanks in advance.


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    Can you clarify what you're referring to as expansion? I'm assuming you're still referring to the automated continuous flow system, correct? I don't know that anyone else on here utilizes any of the continuous flow systems. You may be able to get in touch with Lamie Haga at Immersion Graphics. He has installed the Q5 and Q10 systems around the world and is very familiar with them. But I can't say if he would provide much help if you're not licensed with Realtree/Immersion.
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    If you are having trouble with the sides of the film scrubbing the tank and getting stuck up before it gets to the dipping conveyer, there are three condition variable that will help that. First, increase the travel speed. Second, lower the water temp so the expansion will happen slower. Or three, Use 70 micron film designed to conveyor tanks. Too much fan speed will evaporate the activator too quickly, that's not a variable. It causes the too dry ink to not stick to the substrate.
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