Dead flat hardener

Has anyone had problems with their dead flat hardener gelling up inside the container? I store it with all of my other paints and clears, and that's the only one that does that. I also have a piece of a thin rubber glove over the threads when I close the bottle, that way it seals it from any air. I have had 2 bottles do this already. 


  • MidOhioHydrographicsMidOhioHydrographics Posts: 9,737Member, Moderator, Business Ninja El Moderator
    I've heard of it happening to others. Have you tried speaking with @Dinnetta_gobigbrain or big brain directly? I believe I've read to leave it sitting upside down so no air can seep in.
  • kylegabbertkylegabbert Posts: 269Member ✭✭✭
    Haven't tried that yet, just looking for tips on storage I guess, before I order another bottle. Thanks for the tip on storing it upside down!
  • DeviousDipsDeviousDips Posts: 1,821Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    I seal mine back in a poly tube and sit upside down like mentioned
  • loochlooch Posts: 1,823Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    I had one i never even opened do that
  • ReiberReiber Posts: 7Member
    Anyone else use nanochem? Never had any issues from them
  • jtagliajtaglia Posts: 2,298Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    Have you tried transfering it into a different type of container & see it that does the trick?
  • WileECoyoteWileECoyote Posts: 6,778Member, Moderator, Business Ninja El Moderator
    Guessing the hardener is hygroscopic (absorbs moisture from the air). Not only will it absorb through any holes in the seal, it actually kicks off while you use it in humid environments. Don't open the cap till you are ready to use it, and IMMEDIATELY close it up again. Storing it upside down is also another good idea as others have mentioned.
  • LibertymanLibertyman Posts: 968Member, Business Ninja ✭✭✭✭
    We have some from Big Brain as well that went bad, actually not that old either, didn't store it upside down, but stored it with all our other clears in the cabinet
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