I need the forums opinion on this web page...

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I need the good folks of the forums opinion on this web page. liquidimageinc.net

Heck, I even need to know if you can't even see it. Since I am running this page straight from my server I may be seeing the page differently than the regular Joe Blow at the other end of the Internet.

I also need your opinion on the formatting, arrangement of the folders, even your opinion on the color(s)...

What I am doing is trying to display the seamless pattern samples directly from my server so that when I update the server with a new pattern it automagically shows up on this generic unbranded web page.

The reason I am creating this webpage is so anyone with a hydrographic website can iframe or embed this page into their website to show their customers the 7000 patterns available so they won't lose any more business because their customer couldn't be satisfied with the run of the mill patterns.

The problem I've been having is that NOBODY has the time to post 7000 patterns to their website, so nothing gets posted. As I can't do it for each one of them individually, this is the compromise. I get to update EVERYBODY's website all at once if they are embedding this into their website or even just plain linking to it.


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