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I have a customer insisting on using Kryptec Typhon pattern from TWN. I have read some negative comments about TWN's film on this forum. Im ok with getting the film from them but would like to use DTP paint and Hydrogator Activator that I am stocked with. My problem is, I dont know what color base to use because TWN only list the base coat code number and not color. Im assuming the base color is some sort of grey. TWN also says that CCI hydrographic paint is the ONLY base coat paint that has been approved by the pattern owner, is their film any different than others? This will be dipped to 4 wheeler HDPE panels. Any input would be appreciated.


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    They always try to tell you it will only work with their activator and paint. I have used a couple different films from them all on ohw paint and k2 super brew. Order some and play around with the base coat color. I'd almost be willing to bet it's over white.
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    OHW has it color matched
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    Yep, I agree w/ above. You can use any paint/activator, but Kryptek is a bit difficult. Overall, TWN's film is just fine. We use a ton of it, and quite a bit of Kryptek in particular. HydroGator may be a bit aggressive. If you're having trouble, get some super brew or Mossy Sauce to try. Also, the film should come with a color chip (back of the plastic hang tag that has the film labeled on it). I would get a color match paint from OHW or others, or be very good at matching that chip. Just a "gray" won't cut it. If it isn't toned correctly, it will look too blue (Very common).
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    Agree with above. We have used/use quite a bit of TWN film and have not once used their paints, activators, etc. They will try to sell you all that stuff, but it is not necessary. We have used their films just fine with Kansas Hydrographics DTP paints as well as OHW paints. We have also used their films just fine with Hydrovator and K2 Brew, Superbrew activators.
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    TWN Krptek was a pain in the butt, its a little heavier than the other films. How are you applying the activator to the film? I've had success with Spray Application and Cylinders as well.
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    I’ve used about every kryptec out there, only had a problem with the yeti variant but only because of the object we were dipping.  We use twn’s 3502 at about 30 grams on all kryptec patterns, always turns out good for us
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    Hopefully they have some new stock, because the last two orders of Typhon got from them sucked. It was old and crackly. their customer service sucks too.

    I have used OHW paint with it. Here is a link to their mix chart if you want to see it.
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    @Mark78P @Reiber @norcalfrank I’m in desperate need of help.  I can’t seem to get the right combination of soak time, activator application.  I’m either over or under activating.  I’ve used k2 superbrew and tried hydrogator.  The closest I got was with the superbrew with under activation.  I tried going heavier and got over activation.  The hydro gator isn’t even close, way too aggressive.  Any tips would be appreciated.  This is with the TWN kryptec film. 90deg water.  I tried 1 min and 2 min soak times. I use a devilbiss gpi activator gun. 
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    @chanrick I can tell from your post, that you are all over the place. I know you are desperate, but you have to slow down. You are changing too many variables and causing your own problem.

    What paint are you using?

    Stick with the superbrew and nothing else.

    60 second soak time and nothing else

    Take pictures of every failure... and LOTS of them

    It's going to matter what paint you are using, but I am guessing what you think is overactivation was still underactivation.
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    @WileECoyote using one hit wonder 
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    Then I doubt you are overactivating. We will need pics to further troubleshoot.
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    Then I doubt you are overactivating. We will need pics to further troubleshoot. us to help you...
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    After several failed attempts, I think I finally figured it out. Took 5 passes of activator and 30 seconds of activation, 92deg water temp. They should call this film cotton mouth, because it’s so thirsty. 💦
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    Awesome. Glad it worked out, they look great.
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    Looks good
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    Kryptek can be trippy be the representative at TWN have always helped me through my trouble shooting otherwise I would lose my head.
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