Best clear ever?

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Can anybody tell me what is the hands down best clear coat money can buy? Looking for a maker or possibly even where I can get it online, phone numbers, anything helps. I have a very high end paint job I need to clear and the customer wants the best of the best as far as damage protection and a great finish. I have heard about a product called Diamond clear, anyone know about it?


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    That's all gonna come down to preference. U ask 10 guys and 9 out of 10 are gonna suggest something different. I would say Big Brain Graffiti Gloss or Tamco high impact are my favorites. But Nanochem has awesome clears also
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    Yea, sort of a vague and broad question isn't it?  I've been shooting for a while and the question is answered with the same debates. I guess I'm looking to broaden my comfort zone. Meaning that I've become really good with the standard issue spot/panel quality clears, including Cerakote. They work really well for me, but I feel like I'm working too hard to get the kind qualities you'd expect. There's always a better way to do things and I'm ready to bump it up a notch or 2, mainly in the durability department. Cerakote wasn't holding up to expectations, but I got good at using it and it's what I know, ya know?  Thanks to this forum, I am on to some great products, nanochem being the most mentioned thus far. Just do it then right? Lol
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    That looks very nice!! 
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    I use @onehitwonder clear for most of my stuff flows good and hard to chip once fully cured
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    All of yout typical mfg's make a better clear, but there it a limit to their durability. Nothing that is 10 times better than anyone else. There are some that offer better UV protection, some that harden faster to eliminate dirt, but no "best of the best". We sprayed THOUSANDS of gallons of Prime Coatings 120XG080 on Harley Davidson tanks and fenders. It buffs well, holds up well, and has good UV protection.
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    For typical every-day use, we go to UTECH 4.0 from Marc Devaud at On-Pace Finishing. For jobs that need to be dry quick, and cost isn't an issue, I like PPG Deltron DC2000 or DC3000 because they cure so fast.
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    I would say our clear will blow you away. Used in many high end builds and SEMA cars, and for an incredible price...
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    I will add I have used OHW clear and really liked it. Laid down incredibly smooth.
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    Yep. OHW is our gloss clear of choice. I am definitely NOT a painter, but their stuff lays down smoothly and makes me look like I know what I am doing.

    I have a Yeti tumbler that I use daily and it doesn't have a scratch on it. The bottom of the cup fell off the other day and I beat it back on with a rubber mallet, but the clear still looks great.
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    Great feedback, thats what I was hoping to hear and sounds like OHW is going to be getting a call from me soon. Again, this forum has been a tremendous help 
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    I've used OHW sereral jobs, like them the best
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