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Good day to you all.

A lot of you already know us but as there are new dippers joining this forum daily i thought i'd do an update about our us and our training.

We are based in South wales in the UK and have been hydro dipping as a business since 2012.
When we started out there wasn't anyone offering training courses so we had to work it all out for ourselves and that cost a lot of money and time and delayed our start up quite a while. Luckily we have a history in the custom paint work industry so that part was already nailed but the dipping took some time.
How do you lay the film right? How do you know when it's ready to dip? How do you know which way to dip and at what angle? It's just a world of questions and although YouTube can help you'll also find a lot of wrong information out there. But you won't find this out until its too late. Been there, done that LOL
So we decided, as one of the longest running and most successful hydro dippers and painters in the UK we would set up training classes to help all you other guys who are in the same boat as we once were. Yes it costs money but it will save you more than you spend, believe me.

We recently moved into a huge new premises which after a lot of work we almost have finished. We have a brand new training room. It only has 2 walls at the moment but what the hell LOL Book a course and i might be able to make it 4 walls LOL
We tailor all our courses to the individual and teach you exactly what you need to know.
If you are interested in training with a friendly, fun team who have passion for what they do then get in touch.

We offer paint and dip training. You choose what you want to cover and we will work out the rest for you.

Give yourself a head start and invest in the best training for you.

Thanks for listening
Eve xxx


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