How does Hydrographics hold up to hot and cold? TESTED!

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Good afternoon everyone!

I am working with a large company on a large-volume account decorating some unique items. Not your standard gun stocks or automotive parts. The parts are ABS plastic (molded in the correct color, dipped direct) and HDPE (flame treated, NanoChem AP, Aqualac). All parts are dipped in wood grain, then topcoated with NanoChem 0-1% Gloss clear.

This is a very big deal to me and will at minimum quantities double my gross annual business, and at max quantities be near a 7 figure annual gross for my business. Moving to a new facility, doubling all my equipment, etc..... A very, very big deal and very, very important to get these samples right....

The company put our sample parts through some rigorous testing with various cleaning chemicals, environmental exposure, etc. Their parts are used nationwide, and we will be decorating between 200-400 of these per month. If a problem arises down the road, it's not just a customer returning a gun stock because it flaked off... THIS is why production can be stressful. When you have a bad day? You don't get one bad part, you can have hundreds or even thousands.

I just received this email from the engineer today. I thought I would share it because not many of us have the resources to test our final product the way this company does. And it's very valuable information for us as processors. Here is a direct copy/paste of his email:

"I don’t know if I mentioned that we did some temperature cycling tests on the drawer faces and end panels (in the ash color). The test was 3 continuous sets of 8 hours @ 160F 90% humidity then 8 hours @-20F. The panels didn’t show any issues at all. Just FYI…"

So 24 hours at 160 degrees and 90% humidity, followed directly by 8 hours at -20 degrees... Hell, it even impressed me! I figured that plastic would move around and something would pop. Anyway... due diligence, proper prep, and quality products win again. That is all!

Thanks and have a good day dippin.... :lol:


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