Dip Tank / Rinse Station / Pneumatic Dip System / Plus Extras!

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This complete system will enable you to operate a water transfer printing business or hobby like a pro. Package deal price of $6,000

K2 Concepts 2.5m Professional Series Tank
Touchscreen PLC control panel with remote network capability
2.5mm (+- 0.2mm) Stainless Steel
Total Overall Area: 8'-5 7/8” x 4'-4” x 36 1/8”
Total Dipping Area: 7'-2 1/8” x 4' x 2'-5 1/2”
Total Gallons: 818
Voltage @ 60hz: 230v
Heating Elements: 2 x 4000w
Supply Inlets: 2 x 1 ¼”
Drain Outlets: 2 x 1”
Total Gallons: 535
1HP Pump Motor

Custom Rinse Station
4’x8’x4’ interior space for product rinsing
21x spray nozzles, with the ability to easily add more if wanted
1/2HP Pump Motor
Large water tank below stainless steel rinse grate to ensure thorough rinsing.
Metal frame and completely mobile with heavy duty rolling casters

Pneumatic Controlled Dipping System
Fully adjustable-speed start and stop controls
Standard mounting plate with jig grip mounts
Custom 80/20 aluminum full size jig system for dipping across the entire tank
300lb capacity

Will include as part of the package our full inventory of films, which is in the hundreds.

Will also include a variety of hydrographics specific One Hit Wonder and Hydro Solutions paints.

And, will also include several gallons of activator.

Let me know of any questions you have. Thanks!



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