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After over 4 years we’ve decided to move in new directions and close the EXOlutions doors. Since we are a fairly well established business we have quite an inventory of equipment, as well as an established brand. If you are looking to walk into a literally turnkey business opportunity in the Northern California Bay Area, you aren’t going to find a better set up than we have for the price. If you need equipment to upgrade or start your business we are open to both a full package purchase as well as individual item purchases.

Initially we are focusing on selling off the large items, so in this first post you will not find a full listing of everything available. We will be trying to liquidate everything in a very timely manner though. All of our equipment is professional grade, so please keep that in mind before reaching out to inquire about additional details, pictures and pricing on items. Also, if you’re looking for a second opinion on our business or equipment, Jim (the owner of the forum) has been to our facility several times, and I’m sure he’d be open to providing you his honest opinion.

Here’s the initial list:

K2 Concepts 1.5m Professional Series Tank
2.5mm (+- 0.2mm) Stainless Steel
Total Overall Area: 5'-5 7/8” x 4'-4” x 36 1/8”
Total Dipping Area: 4' x 4' x 2'-5 1/2”
Touchscreen PLC control panel with remote network capability (the control panel in the
picture is an older unit we started with.)

Custom Rinse Station
4’x8’x4’ interior space for product rinsing
21x spray nozzles, with the ability to easily add more if wanted
Large water tank below the grate.
Metal frame and completely mobile with the heavy duty rolling casters

Industrial Paint Spray Booth
External dimensions are 10’wide x12’ long x10’ tall
Internal spray room dimensions are approx. 10’x10’x10’
Prefilters in the two doors, and internal filter wall along the back.
24” Dayton fan and Dayton motor
4x full size light locations

Altas Copco GX7FF Air Compressor with Integrated Dryer
10HP Rotary screw drive
Integrated 60 gallon air tank
208/230/460V 3-Phase power options

Automated Dipping Arm
Includes mounting plate, jig points and full controls.

Stewart MacDonald 230V Guitar Buffer
Mounted on a rolling stand
3/4HP motor
14” buffing wheels

The website is also available, either as the current brand, or you can simply update it with your logo and details and you’ll have a fully functioning website – www.goexo.com

We also have a plethora of spray guns, cerakote spray guns, cerakote oven, media blaster unit, a TON of different films, and everything else a typical shop has in inventory.

If you have a serious inquiry on the business or equipment please email us directly for the most prompt responses at [email protected] Thanks!


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    Wow, sorry to see you guys go. I bought a blast cabinet from you just after you bought out Joe. Wish I had a place for that paint booth...
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