Tank build coming on

magicmagic Posts: 90Member

just getting into dipping.   So much to learn 
 My dip tank is coming  along nicely. 
Fully adjustable  dams and simple  solution.


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    Welcome to the forum from nj. I hope thats not a finished project for a paying customer. 
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    @looch definitely not  dude. Im redoing it again .as im not to happy with it. Its the first time i have dipped anything, so im learning as i go. 
    Im also changing the center strip to black carbon fibre  as i think it will look better.

    Its my motorcycle,  im doing a memorial bobber  in honour of my son who i lost in a fatal motorcycle crash two years ago. Powys was my heart and soul. 
    Once i have trained with aqaugraphix uk which are down the road to  me. 
    I would love to do some dipping for friends and take it from there. 

    Nice to speak to you  looch
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    For your first attempt I'd say not to bad.... I've seen a lot worse!

    But yeah, ya got some learning ahead of ya.
  • magicmagic Posts: 90Member
    @Sreynolds thank you, the advice i been given on this forum  is top class.im really  enjoy  the learning  process 
  • K2ConceptsK2Concepts Posts: 13,570Administrator El Jefe
    Training @AquaGraphix will be the best investment you will make in this business...
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    You may want to wrap the tank with a foam board insulation that helps hold heat in
  • magicmagic Posts: 90Member
    Will look into adding some insulation, great idea.
  • NotSoFastNotSoFast Posts: 3,329Member, Moderator El Moderator
    magic said:

    Will look into adding some insulation, great idea.

    Also, get some of that foil tape to cover the exposed edges of the foam board. The activator over spray will eat right through any exposed styrofoam.
  • magicmagic Posts: 90Member
    Cheers @NotSoFast . I didn't even think of that .
  • AquaGraphixAquaGraphix Posts: 363Member, Business Ninja ✭✭✭
    We got the boards for the top as a lid and then some foil type bubble wrap to wrap around the outside of the tank. Its been brilliant.
  • magicmagic Posts: 90Member
    My tank 
  • magicmagic Posts: 90Member
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    The video 
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  • magicmagic Posts: 90Member
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    Hi guys and  gals, a quick update.  
    Ive sourced  my new tank. It needs a bit of elbow grease     , but so excited.   Hopefully will have it in a week  or two.    Big thaks to craig @ prestige coatings uk .

    Just need to get some mates over to carefully squeeze  it into my garage...oooo so tight
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