Spray guns, clears, and films for sale

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*I'll add pictures from my phone after I create this ad on my desktop*

Got a few spray guns for sale. Bought from the K2 store, my other businesses are keeping me more than busy and this stuff isn't being used anymore. Always cleaned and maintained after use. Very little use. Films I picked up from the company I bought my spray booth from, they're just taking up space.

Both guns are the HTE guns with 1.3 tips. Each has less than 1 gallon of material sprayed through them. One I used for activator only, and the second I used solely with OHW base paints. $150 shipped for either

Unopened 1 gallon of Big Brain Dead Flat clear coat with activator. New price is $159. Lets try $100 shipped.

Upopened 4 quarts of OHW Gloss clear coat and activator. New value of $188. Lets go $115 shipped.

2/3rd quart OHW typhon base color, 1/2 quart OHW "multicam" base color, 2/3rd quart OHW "874". $5 plus shipping for each. Probably just throw away when the other items sell.


OHW Carbon Fiber "Twill". 2 yards.
$25 shipped

"Skullz" pattern. 2 rolls, one weighs 15.75 lbs and the other is 14 lbs. $100 shipped for the heavy one, $90 shipped for the smaller roll.

"Predator" pattern. 1 roll. 17.25 lbs. $100 shipped

Carbon Fiber pattern. 2 rolls. one weighs 3 lbs, the other is 9.25 lbs. $35 shipped/$50 shipped

"Vanish Hybrid" pattern. 8.25 lb roll. $50 shipped

"SuperFlauge" pattern. 9.5 lbs $50 shipped

"Pink" camo. 9.5 lbs. $50 shipped.

Thanks for looking!



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