Complete Hydrographics set up for sale. —

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Complete Hydrographics set up for sale.

RadicalSideHydroRadicalSideHydro Posts: 585Member, Business Ninja ✭✭✭
Selling my Complete set up. Brand new 6ft dip tank has 2 elements. Rinse tank 5ftx4ft works killer. Ls 400 1.4 clear gun, sata rp base gun 1.4, devilbiss gpi activator gun 1.8 and lots of other guns. I have a ton of film and lot of different paint also have 3 air brush guns with paint .3m battery powered de nibber and other misc items that will go with it. I will not seperate I will be using the new tank starting tomorrow until it all sells. 8,500.00


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