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Newbie what Masking tape

Hiya  guys  seen some discussion  on masking tape.  Just wondering should i be using blue masking tape for the edges of the film or doesn't  it matter.. 
And what tape to use to mask for double dipping.. 
So much to learn 🤔


  • norcalfranknorcalfrank Posts: 1,014Member ✭✭✭
    I'm sure you will get a hundred answers. I use Frog Tape mostly, but just regular masking tape for taping up film before a dip. I also use the blue stuff when I'm taping over a dip like to cover up on a 50/50 dip. Actually on the seam on a 50/50 dip, I use 1/4" fine line tape. It make a great line.
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