Home made tank builds

tizdippedtizdipped Posts: 38Member
hi all im totaly new to this im nearly done with my new tank build just wondering what other people are building ??heres mine


  • K2ConceptsK2Concepts Posts: 13,647Administrator El Jefe
    Is that a port hole?...
  • tizdippedtizdipped Posts: 38Member
    Yes it is thought I’d add it in as I haven’t seen it on a hydro tank before and the hole was already there as it was a tank for filling steam trains a long long time ago I have also fitted underwater lighting as I intend to do more YouTube vids thought views would be able to see the design clearer plus seeing the dip from below too what do you think 
  • MidOhioHydrographicsMidOhioHydrographics Posts: 9,735Member, Moderator, Business Ninja El Moderator
    Interesting idea for a leak tank! Just messing... :lol: Make sure you post a bunch of pics/videos when it's done! Should be pretty neat.
  • tizdippedtizdipped Posts: 38Member
    It's very well sealed and double bolted 20mm pexi glass so fingers crossed it shouldn't leak 😅 I will defo keep you all posted its been my non stop project for the last two weeks after ripping out the 1mx1m hobby tank this new one will also have a winch on a beam above too for the big heavy things hehe 😁
  • K2ConceptsK2Concepts Posts: 13,647Administrator El Jefe
  • ShannonShannon Posts: 194Member ✭✭✭
    @looch I love your train of though on the peep hole. I tell you what though, that sounds a decent sized glory hole. If anyone was struggling with a tight fit they would be doing alright for themselves hahaha
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