ive seen a lot of videos on hot to dip all sorts of things and you all are awesome at what ya do BUT I don’t see much on prepping. Resone is that I’m doing a welding hood I bought at a garage sale and I did the scrubbing the heat treat twice and paint will not stick to it I tried the white ohw and the white rustolium primer for plastic and nothing. It will dry really good but as soon as you dip the film won’t stick. Anyway I think I’ll just give that hood a new home in my dumpster! 


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    So you say the film won't stick. Does the paint come off with the film or is it just the film coming off? Also, does all the film come off or just in spots? Try to add a picture of what the part looks like after the dip
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    yea.. without a picture, we are just tossing random ideals out there...
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    If your using ohw then do not spray any type of promoter or whatever the rustoleum is your spraying. OHW will work by it self. 
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    Yeah that’s what I always do use the ohw by itself. I think it’s just the hood that probably made of something else it is a very old hood after all. Anyway I’m trashing it
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    Our paint should stick to absolutely everything - is the film coming off with the paint?
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    yea.. is it the film itself that is coming off after the dip?

    Or the paint...?
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    Sorry guys been working late anyway it wasn’t the ohw paint it was the film I think because the paint wouldn’t come off just the film
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    Used another film on it and worked great.
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    Good to know!
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