My DIY tote tank build

Jcashman8Jcashman8 Posts: 21Member
Hey Everyone!

I am new to the forum and wanted to share what I have done thus far with my build. I have been wanting to get into hydrographics for a while now and decided to build my own tank. I have been gathering many ideas from youtube and here. This forum is a godsend to me! Let me know what you guys think. My troth area needs a little work now that I filled the tank it pulled it away a little. I spray foamed and silicone the gap so Its holding water well right now. The only thing beside that is Im waiting on my heating element. I was going to put a fish tank heater in the recycled water bucket and a bucket heater in the actual dip tank controlled by a Inkbird thermometer controller. Any information or tips would be great!




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