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K2shoponline Coupon Code

Admin/mods: Please delete if not allowed here. I did not find a section where this really fit lol

I am about to buy a new paint gun on the online shop and was wondering if anyone knew of any active coupon codes that are out there I could use. Thanks in advance.


  • K2ConceptsK2Concepts Posts: 13,146Administrator El Jefe
    @GLH Not that I know of? We are already well below ANY of the competition on the ANI guns so there isn't any room to go any lower...
  • GLHGLH Posts: 41Member
    @K2Concepts apologies. The checkout had a spot for one so I just figured I would ask. I am not that up on who charges what to be honest but I certainly want to support this place of constant info. Thank you though. =) :)
  • K2ConceptsK2Concepts Posts: 13,146Administrator El Jefe
    @GLH Never hurts to ask my ninja...
  • pitopito Posts: 19Member
    @GLH what type of gun did you end up ordering? If you dont mind me asking. Im plotting my move to buy one hopefully this week. (most likely from K2 concepts to support the source of alot of the info here.) Just thinking of starting with one for activator. Going to keep useing areisol for primer and base and maybe clear for now. Also thinking of getting a 30 gal husky, hopeing that be good enough for awhile. 
  • pitopito Posts: 19Member
    Well, havent actully cleared anything yet. I re prep and dip again. Just want to get constant results activating film first and keep practicing my dipping before i actually clear coat it .
  • GLHGLH Posts: 41Member
    I ordered an ANI F150 works well... still trying to get it perfect with the DTP paint.
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