Control panel

Probably been asked several times build a control panel easy or not 


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    depends on the person and their knowledge on electrical panels and how they work you are working with water and electricity so if it is not done right it could be a shocking experience. they are fairly easy to build but you wont find any wire diagrams for them
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    From what I have read and found your best option would be to try and find a used one. If that is not an option you could check out the home brewery websites. I think you could find some helpful information there. As stated above it will be hard to find anyone here giving directions. 220/240 volts and water DO NOT give many 2nd chances.
  • Tron78Tron78 Posts: 31Member
    Have a good electrician my tank came with a panel to run the heater just not the pump was thinking of building one for that and a timer 
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    Electrician is different than electrical engineer. A residential/commercial electrician usually doesn’t build control boxes. If he is familiar with control boxes, what you are asking for is a very simple one.
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    He is and should be simple let you know how it goes and post some pics 
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    i had one when I had my tank! used it like three times and never again! lol!
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