Activating Issue

So am a newbie at hydrodipping. first one in my country to do it. am using this home brew of 30 pc xylene and 70 pc 2k thinner. it worked super the first time using a camo film. but trying to use the other films of carbon fibre, skulls,stickerbomb etc. after spraying the activator it looks like it has dissolved but when i go to dip its like it has a small thin layer on the top and acts like a towel on the dipping item. what could be the issue? id really appreciate thanks


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    Reduce your ratio of Xylene to only 20% would help. Xylene is used to help slow down the evaporation rate of the 2K reducer. Too much Xylene causes the ink to wash away in the rinse because it hasn't fully evaporated from the ink/paint interface and will let the ink "slide" off the basecoat. If the air temp in your dipping environment is high, use the 20% formulation, if it's low, use a 10% ratio.

    From the way you described your problem, it sounds like you film is upside down on the water.

    What country are you the first person to do hydro dipping in?
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