Does anybody know where to get good pigment ink for a good price?

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I have looked a bit into making it myself. It seems like I can find the powder pretty cheap and that is the best route I am thinking so far.
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    Wow, just wow... That is thinking outside the box... err cartridge. Why? Is re-inventing the wheel a personal hobby? Do you have the monetary resources to experiment with what particulates will reliably pass through X printhead? Have you already figured out what type of carrier will keep the pigment particulates in suspension and not settle to the bottom of the printhead and totally clog it up?

    Since you are into experimenting, how about using "powder coating" powder to run through print heads. I'll bet there would be a market for that! Liquid Powder Concepts sells a carrier for powder to spray powder coating via a liquid carrier. Maybe you could start there.
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    Cheap inks=the cost of new printheads.
  • SaltyCityHydroDipsSaltyCityHydroDips Posts: 10Member
    Thanks guys, I've always had a entreprenual mindset and I always look at every possibility. Thanks for the feedback.
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