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Just joined a few days ago and have been overwhelmed with the knowledge on this forum. I need to make some dams and have a bunch of ABS sheet laying around. Would activator melt the ABS dams or slowly introduce contaminants into the water?


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    Yes. ABS would melt. You can actually dip directly to ABS aplastic without painting because the activator allows the film to bite into it. Many plastics will be sensitive to activator. HDPE would be safe. I had a metal shop fab me up some out of stainless, but aluminum J channel/drip edge works great also.

    Jim has a video on making some. Search the K2 Videos section or search Dam fabrication and you should find it.
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    I would have swore you were joking... ABS is the WORST thing to make them out of.
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    Very Cheap to make materials available at lowes and home depot, Watch Jims Video
  • ref772ref772 Posts: 9Member
    Nope, not joking. Just a rookie and have never tried anything ABS around activator. I'm 20 miles out in the boonies and was just trying to save a 40 mile round trip to town to get some j-channels. My suspisions were confirmed, thanks.
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    Welcome. Where abouts are u located?
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    @ref772 if you have a sign shop close you might also check with them. We had a break & I used scrap aluminum to make mine. I made at least 10 or 12 sets. I only use maybe 2 different sets now. I just cut my film to the size of the dams I use most. 
  • ref772ref772 Posts: 9Member
    The next time I'm in town, I'll go by and get some aluminum or maybe galvanized flashing. I was wanting to make a telescoping dam so I wouldn't have to keep changing for different film sizes. I'm just beginning to play around with dipping as another hobby. A few years ago, I started 'playing around' with building a CNC machine, and so I did it. Now I'm making all sorts of things with it. I did the same with powder coating. So this is just another adventure for a retired guy. I'm located in the central part of Texas 20 miles from anything..
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    How did you make a CNC machine? @ref772 ;
  • ref772ref772 Posts: 9Member
    Got the plans from Momuscnc.com and followed them. Mine is the blue one in the "gallery" section of the site.
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    @ref772 hi dude . Im new to dipping  aswell . To make adjustable  dams  i have used thin gauge angle Aluminium.    40 x 15 mm  cut into various lengths  and then notched the end to hang on . 

    To make them adjustable i just hold two together with an elastic band.. 
    Simple and easy
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    schidro said:

    I made at least 10 or 12 sets. I only use maybe 2 different sets now. I just cut my film to the size of the dams I use most. 

    This...we use 1 or 2 different sizes for most parts nowadays...not saying that we don't have around 5 different sizes...but usually only use 2 sizes day in and day out...
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