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Hi guys, just a general question. I always notice that everyone says the film soak time should be 60 seconds. I was wondering why you have to wait a full 60 seconds if the film is already hydrated or does it effect the film if you leave it soaking for longer?


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    @Shannon nothing is set in stone with 60 sec. That's just what works for most films at 90 degree temp. Water temp and the thickness of yoit film is what is gonna determine the soak times.  Mossy oaks film for example calls 90 sec soak at 90 degree. 
    Experiment and see what u can get away with
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    @DeviousDips thanks mate, that’s what I’m finding here is that most films only need about 30 seconds due to how hot it is here. As you said though I have found some that do require longer though.
    While I was doing my homework before I started dipping I found a bloke who said it’s basically impossible to over soak a film. Once it’s hydrated it won’t take any more water on, he said he even tested by leaving a film on the water for half a day and it still dipped fine.
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    I would think soaking to long would make inks start to fade. I could be wrong about that though. I would image it soaking for a few mins would not hurt nothing at all. 
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    Yeah I was thinking it would effect the ink after a long period of time, was wondering if it had actually been tested my multiple sources 
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    It will eventually all fall apart if it soaks too long. The PVA will completely dissolve and the ink is then in direct contact with the water.
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    I might throw some off cut film in tonight to see how it is in the morning 
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    @Shannon For what gain? To prove you can tie up your money maker for hours? If you have film sitting there for an hour, you are just wasting time. No one is going to be able to use that information as a way to IMPROVE their process, it adds more variables and chances of failure.
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    @WileECoyote not to gain anything just curiosity. I don’t place film in my tank until I’m ready to dip but curiosity got the better of me so I wanted to see how a film holds up.
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    Depends on the film and the temperature...I have seen films degrade after a couple of minutes...

    But the reality is? Besides the exercise in mental masturbation? It really is a piece of useless trivia...
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