paint advise???

Need help?? we are new to this and experimenting and running into problems. Our problem is with the base coat. We are tying to find a paint that we can buy locally and not pay for shipping cause shipping aerosol is soo expensive and right now don't really want to buy a quart and use a gun. So we bought rustolem and bought a can of Krylon and sprayed the plastic tests covers the morning before we dipped later on that afternoon. Our paint appeared dry after 5-6 hours so we proceeded to dip. The dip came out perfect, but during rinsing, the base coat appeared to break down and the base cat became tacky. Appeared to me that 1 the paint wasn't dry enough or 2 the activator attacked with with base coat. Once before we had a problem waiting too long. We sprayed our base coat 2-3 weeks before we dipped and the film after dipping washed right off. We were told we waited too long before dipping that the paint was too dry. Can someone please help me in what we are doing wrong and can I buy my paint locally instead of using there paint??? We are particularly dipping European mount buck skulls.


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    Where are you located?

    Unfortunately that is what you can expect from over the counter aerosols. They’re inconsistent at best. Some work, some do not, even within a brand.

    If you want quality results, this process needs quality materials. Undortunately hydrographics is just expensive. Order the 12 for 12 deal from OHW and you’ll have quality paint that is proven to work with the process and sticks to damn near anything. $12 per Can is reasonable considering you can do multiple Skulls with one can. This process just does not lend itself to the hobbyist. I know this probably isn’t the answer you want to hear...
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    Several of the forum sponsors sell aerosol paints. Most commercially available do not work well, if at all, with this process. If you can't afford, or don't want to pay for shipping, you may as well stop now. (sorry for being so blunt). Even a HOBBY setup that will work properly consistently will cost several thousand dollars. This is not a "find out cheaply if you like it" kind of thing. The cheap stuff doesn't work well enough to find out if you are doing it right or even see if you like doing it.

    One point of advise... If you paint has a re-coat window (spray a second coat after 15 minutes or after one hour), the dip MUST BE dipped in this time. I am not aware of anyone here using store-bought rattle cans with much, if any success.

    If it were possible to do this cheaply, every member here would be doing it cheaply.

    Once again, I am not trying to belittle you or your efforts in any way, but the facts are the facts, no matter how much we want them not to be. Just trying to save you more wasted time and money if a proper setup is not in the cards for you.

    Welcome to the forum. Please read some posts and use the search bar. Nearly every answer to any question you may have is waiting to be read. :)
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    Maybe look into waterbased paint to not worry about the problems shipping aerosol cans 
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    Yeah, one of One Hit Wonder's LVLP guns, a small compressor, and some HydroSolutions or Aqualac paint may be your best bet....
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    Our paint is designed exactly for this reason, including our aerosols - if you text or call, we can talk you through it 305-318-1468 JJ
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    The OHW 12 for 12 each is hard to beat and it sticks to everything.
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    OK here is the "not approved for the hydrographic industry" rattle can write up...again...

    Rattle Can Explanation

    An aerosol uses special reducers and generally at a greater ratio than the paint used in a spray gun. (interpretation, it will be thin). Personally? I don't use Rustoleum so I have no experience with it. Not trying to be "smart" just saying it like it is. I did a bit of checking through and found what I suspected. First off, there are MANY versions of Rustoleum. But what I found is that they seem to be either an "Acrylic Latex" (think house paint) or "Oil Based Enamel's". Most likely you are using one of the "oil based enamels". Oil based enamels do not seem to take automotive paints above it, most often it seems to lift. The reducers in automotive paints are much harsher than what oil base can handle. And guess what? Activator is as close to paint reducer as you are going to get. THAT should tell you why rattle cans do not work right there...

    Rattle can paint is a 1k paint meaning no additives needed. As this paint does dry and get hard it is called reversible paint, meaning thinners, gas, carb cleaners, can loosen the paint and take it off like stripper does. They do now make rattle cans with a plunger in the bottom of the can, you push that up and it injects a hardener into the paint, making it a 2k paint. That may be more up your alley what you're looking for. Still you are much better off using One Hit Wonder, Direct To Plastic from Kansas Hydrographics, Low Country Hydropaint from Low Country Hydrographics or USA Paint from Dip Demon for your Hydroprinting needs.
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    Our aerosols are filled with unreduced OHW, which allows the propellants to reduce to the correct ratio. You’ll still need to shake the can well though!
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    Our aerosols are filled with unreduced OHW, which allows the propellants to reduce to the correct ratio. You’ll still need to shake the can well though!

    We still keep these on the shelf and reach for them quite often. The large color palette makes it very convenient for small jobs where buying a quart is silly. I order the 12 for 12 occasionally and still have cans that are over a year old that we use!
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