6' Stainless Steel OHG tank for sale - 1 year old $4800

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All the bells and whistles. Paid $5800, very light use.
Outside Area - 72" x 52" x 32"
Dipping Area - 58" x 49" x 29"

Located in SC. Text me at 864-266-9573 for pics.


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    Forgot to mention that I buy my film at $2.50 per square meter. I will share my source with the person that buys my tank. This will save you thousands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Cleaned up the thread...remember the rules...if you do not like the ad or the contents or the price? Shut up and move on...
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    Oops, my mistake my film runs $1.8 per SQM with shipping.

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    Will accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. Will include 5' of 14 different patterns to play with (70 lineal feet) and about 18 quarts of OHW paint that I don't use anymore. I'm still doing hydro but this tank is to wide for me. I'm building two custom tanks for my applications and I powder coat my parts.
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    OK guys...AGAIN...if you are NOT interested in purchasing the items for sale? Please stay out of the thread...go start a thread of your own on the pro's and con's of..,blah blah blah...

    In short? Let the man try and sell his tank!...
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    Damn... Yeah I'm sorry.. I would have removed my posts.. Exactly correct, @K2Concepts I apologize to all. I could have handled the message to Looch in a direct message.
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    I get confused alright?...!
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    Ok, I really want this thing gone it is too small. Now offering it at 4000. No film or paint just the tank. Cash or add 3% for credit card fee. This is a really good deal. Forgot to mention it has heavy duty casters so it moves really easy.
  • TimTim Posts: 51Member ✭✭
    Selling out the whole Hydro portion of the business. This is a package deal and it is cash only. OHG Stainless tank as mentioned above. Everything you need to get started. The tank is setup and you can run it to check it out. Not going to drain it until it is sold. You can also test the sand blaster and see the compressor run. In other words, your not buying anything that you haven't had a chance to test to see if it is something that will work for you. List of equipment and expendables:

    Atlas Sand Blast Cabinet - SB420 (package of assorted new nozzles)
    5hp 15.8 CFM 60 gallon compressor
    Devilbiss Copper Tekna - 1.2/1.3 tips
    Devilbiss Finishline (new) - 1.3/1.5/1.8 tips
    Air Gunsa AZ3 - 1.3/1.5 tips
    Pneumatic paint shaker
    1.5 gallons Ozark Activator
    .75 gallon SuperBrew
    Lots of assorted film rolls

    OHW 1/2 pint new OHW quart new
    Kings Shadow (2) Metallic Gold
    Raid (3) Blue
    Maroon Gray Typhon
    Metallic Brite Gold (2) Metallic Brite Pink (2)
    Blue Medium Tan
    Metallic Plum Crazy (2) Brite Purple
    Pink Muddy Girl
    Yellow Pink
    Brite Yellow Light Army Green
    Brite Red Metallic Synergy Green
    Brite Purple (2)
    Medium Tan

    Have many assorted colors in partially used cans of OHW and Aqualac: intercoats, 2K's (including low VOC's), intercoats mixed with holographics and un mixed, candies (premixed and un-mixed tints). Lots of dipped showroom speed shapes.

    If you are interested text me at 864-266-9573 and I'll send you pics of everything.

    Asking $5900 - Selling because I am in a small town and I can't make enough money to justify keeping this portion of the business. In a bigger city I would be doing great. I've dipped sets of rims for $800 and larger parts for 1k plus, however this market is just too small to be consistent.

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