Cabalas changes there Camo Pattern line up

dipdemondipdemon Posts: 109Member ✭✭✭
Bass Pro / Cabalas annonces there new Camo lineup today via meeting with True Timber
Waterfowl Camo will be replaced with True Timber DRT
Cabalas zone's camo will be dropped
Cabalas most popular pattern o2 Octane will stay the same but now have the True Timber logo added on it in the future
Good new's is that I got permission now to sell o2 octane and will begin tomorrow on and
I am working on getting the film they have left of the discontinued patterns so if any one instrested in some let me know
since Bass Pro's are now owners of Cabalas and a portain of True Timber we will finally be able to offer our customers the popular Name Brand films to decorate there items that they can go to Bass Pro's and Cabalas to get matching clothing instead of Generic patterens , also I am going to stick with selling by the Meter without the cutting fees etc, so we all can afford to buy it.


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