Happy New Year! Greetings from No_way! :-)

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Just found this eminent forum yesterday, and hungrily digging into this, to me quite new and highly interesting world! :)

New year, and new ideas boiling in my head right now! -Maybe this could even be a new occupation!?... -Being an undertaker for 5 years now, I'd love to start up my own business again!! ;)

I'm a 50+ Swedish guy living in Norway where things tend to always be a bit "behind", and I believe this kind of business is more or less non-existing here so far...
I have a small motorcycle workshop, but last few years (after becoming an employee) this has become more of a hobby thing (again).
My first up interest leading towards hydro-painting would be customizing and detailing motorcycles and other vehicles.
Right now this winter pri.1 is to finish building my sons 1400cc. bobber. Also would love to get some new exciting paint on my own 1800cc. cruiser! B) -Among other stuff of course... =)

So thank you all for the forum!
Wish you a Great New Year!
You'll probably hear from me If I fail to find something...

/Orre B)
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