Help w/ activator film combo

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I have these two films which are "different".
The backing has a silver look and appear to have a translucent look to the colors. It is also fairly heavy or stiff in the feel.
I have tried to dip one part in a straight down dipping motion, and the film didn't want to draw down and around the part very well.
Is there a special process for this Longer soak, higher temp, more or less activator, etc?
I have four activators on hand. The came with my PAHYDROGRAPHICS tank which I believe Jake said was hydrovator. 

I follow the standard procedure of 90 temp, 60 sec soak, 10 sec dwell.

I don't have much of this film on hand to experiment and would appreciate yalls advice.


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    That looks kinda like that Holo stuff...probably takes a special activator...
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    What’s your tank temp and soak time?
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    90 degree and 60 seconds. Dwell time was just 10 sec butni.let it sit for 15 mi utes before rinsing is cold water. OHW is the base coat.

    Here is the best result which I got with Superbrew...
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    @Spinner some guys were having decent results with K2 brew not superbrew with the holographic films. They would do one fast pass and that was it and then dip right away
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    Thanks, devious 
    I tried that and it was much better. The colors are deeper .
    The problems in my previous attempts were severe over activation... to the point the paint was melting off. The part looked totally stripped while rinsing when I used hydrovator.
    Here I made one quick pass and straight to the dip. But as you can see now this is underactivated.  So now , I have it surrounded. Probably need to tweak my gun atomization, too.
    Another issue with this film is this backing material is almost like a celluloid.  It doesn't want to flow like the pva on the other films. You can see that at the bead joint in the part. But I'll keep at it...

    This one I'll touch up to see what it looks like under some clear.
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    The colors definitely look better. I would try messing around with the dwell time now. Do one quick pass and maybe give it 10 sec. Or give it just a little longer soak time to hydrate a lititle more. 
     That film is nice if you get it to work well. Looks really cool
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