Activation Issues ?

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Okay, have a large piece that I'm doing and I'm using TWN's new Sport Carbon Fiber. Issue I'm having is, whatever end of the film I spray the activator on first, appears to go over activated and causes issues with the pattern. This last time I even sprayed the activator so that I finished spraying on the end of the film where I would end the dip, thinking the other way around gave the activator too much time to sit at the beginning of the dip. Make sense? Anyway, in the pics below, the pic that shows the good results, is where I activated last and also finished the dip. The pic with the poor results, is where I started activating and started the dip. If I spray the other way around, the results end up reversed.
So what is causing this and what steps can I take to avoid this? If I would have let the activator sit another 10 seconds, the whole dip would look like the poor results pic.
(ignore the ridges, they are taped)
TWN Sport Carbon
K2 Superbrew
Devilbiss GPi (app 9 psi)
water 90.2 degrees
60 second soak
1 medium pass
start dip maybe 5 seconds after activating


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    After those results, I'd use another film. There's too many good carbon films to go through all that.
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    That looks like what happened to me with the new Reaper Buck film. Never could get it to work.

    That being said, it looks kind of like “worm trails” which can be caused by too low of tank temp, or gun being too close to the water when spraying. Try bumping your temp a couple degrees.

    Also contact TWN and see what they come up with. Just curious.
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    @MidOhioHydrographics - definitely not gun being too close as it doesn't even ripple the water when I'm spraying. I can try bumping the temp a bit but going to try that on a speed shape or something because of the size of this. Also, can almost guarantee TWN will say it's the activator I'm using ;)

    @NotSoFast - that is exactly what crossed my mind last night, a different film. Just might be doing that
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