Luke McCollum, new and need advice how to get started

I’ve owned my own business b4. But I have had been fighting cancer for a few years now. But had to sell my moving business that I started from nothing to having 3 26foot box trucks and 8 guys working for me. But being sick isn’t cheap so I had to sell everything that I owned for the fight I just recently won! I purposely got a part time job so that I could start this and turn it into something that I’ll be proud of! There’s a lot to perfecting the art of hydrographics. I’m determined, not afraid of hardwork, fast learner, and I show respect and listen! I’m a good chief but also a good Indian! I live in Kansas City. I’ve got a lot of good ideas for using this hydrographics in ways I haven’t seen anyone do online. So I just need a mentor to help me get started. I have a large spot to do it all, so then once I get set up I will definitely help who’s helped me! I have a hook up with FedEx and a few other things to offer. Another hookup is my moms a cpa who’s going to handle my books & all that!


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    Welcome. Look into training from K2Concepts, Big Brain, or Liquid Concepts. That will put you in the right direction for sure
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    Welcome! Great to have you. Definitely look into training. It’s a difficult process to learn and even more so to perfect. Most businesses gear toward production. Larger OEM contracts have proven to be much more profitable compared to Custom Work, so keep that in mind when setting up shop. You may have racks of parts wheeling around. Space equipment accordingly and be prepared. If you want to make it a business, treat it like one and buy quality supplies, tools, and equipment. It will save you in the long run. Remember “expensive” does not mean “quality” and I learned that the hard way.
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    Welcome to the forum!!
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    Welcome the the forum
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    Welcome to the forum my friend...and may your future be bright!...
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    howdy and welcome!
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    Feel free to look us up for help - we have a possible class coming up in February- just outside Atlanta
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