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Greetings fellow dippers. I am listing my shop equipment for sale. I have been offered a position in another country and will not be able to take my business with me sadly lol. So please see the below list, I know it’s a long post but stay with me :p darn near everything you could possibly need here, the majority of it professional grade, in new or next to new condition. I'm sure I'm missing many things on this list, but if it is used in the service of the business, it goes.

I don’t want to split this stuff up, want to sell as a package. Everything is located in Panama City Fl.

I have a room full of film the below list does not cover it all, as I acquired many patterns on my own through bulk boxes from big brain, projects and custom film orders.

Item Description Qty Taxable Unit Price Item Total
7306 113.1 True Weave Silver Carb... 1 N US $49.75 US $49.75
7307 114.1 True Weave Black Carbo... 1 N US $49.75 US $49.75
7308 742.1 Light Burlwood 100 CM 1 N US $49.75 US $49.75
7309 757.1 Rustic Wood 100 CM 1 N US $49.75 US $49.75
RUSTICWOOD(5) Length: 5M
7310 759.1 Reddish Burlwood 100 CM 1 N US $49.75 US $49.75
7311 231.1 Desert Digital 100 cm 1 N US $29.25 US $29.25
DESERTDIGITAL231(3) Length: 3M
7312 320.1 Black Snakeskin - 100 cm 1 N US $60.00 US $60.00
SNAKEBLACK320-100CM(5) Length: 5M
7313 331.1 Zebra Print (100 cm) 1 N US $40.00 US $40.00
ZEBRASM(5) Length: 5M
7314 We The People - 100 CM 1 N US $65.00 US $65.00
7315 525.1 Sticker Bomb Generic 1... 1 N US $34.47 US $34.47
STICKERBOMB525.1(3) Length: 3M
7316 Renegade - 100 CM 1 N US $42.75 US $42.75
MB1RENEGADE(3) Length: 3M

Code Item Qty Price Grand Total
Film-ACU Digital Camo - ACU
10 $4.00 $40.00
Film-DigitalDesert Digital Camo - Desert
10 $4.00 $40.00
Film-FallLeaves Fall Leaves
20 $3.00 $60.00
film-GrabBag Film GRAB BAG - Scraps & Samples 15-20 Square Feet
1 $15.00 $15.00
Film-Greenwoods Green Woods
20 $4.00 $80.00
Film-High-Compression High Compression
10 $3.00 $30.00
film-InfernoBLACK Inferno BLACK
20 $5.00 $100.00
film-LIVEFREE Live Free ©
10 $4.00 $40.00
film-Money $100 Bills
20 $2.50 $50.00
Film-NightWalker Night Walker
10 $4.00 $40.00
film-OzarkMTBrush Ozark Mountain Brush Camo
20 $5.00 $100.00
film-OzarkMTGoddess Ozark Mountain Goddess Camo
20 $5.00 $100.00
Film-SmallSkulls Small Skulls
10 $3.50 $35.00
Film-TTConceal True Timber Conceal
20 $4.00 $80.00
Film-TTMixedPine True Timber Mixed Pine
20 $4.00 $80.00
Film-TTFloodedTimber True Timber Flooded Timber
20 $4.00 $80.00
FILM-TTSassyB True Timber Sassy B
20 $4.00 $80.00
Film-TTXD3 True Timber XD3
20 $3.00 $60.00
film-TTSnowfall True Timber Snow Fall
20 $4.00 $80.00
White background Kryptek 100cm: 9+ yards
Breast Cancer Ribbons 50cm: 7 yards
Realistic Flames 50 cm (9+ yards)
Fall Season Camo (Ozarks) 50cm: 4 feet
Confederate Camo 100cm): 9 yards
Naughty Fire 100cm: 8 yards
Ozark Digital Camo ACU 100cm: 4 foot
TWN Winter Mimicry 50cm: 2 feet
Stickerbomb Graffiti 100cm: 8 yards
Tangle 2.0 camo 100cm: 15+ yards,
Liquid Concepts Flag and Eagles 100cm: 4 yards
Ozark Wood Grain 100cm: 4 feet
Wetlands Camo 100cm: 8 yards
Flooded Timber 100cm: 2 feet
Hear no Speak no Evil 50cm: 9 yards
Paisley 50cm: 7+ yards
Carbon Fiber 50cm: 8+ yards
Oil Slick 50cm: 6 yards
Zebra Print 50cm: 7 yards
Country Girl Pink Camo 100cm: 6+ yards
Sugar Skulls 50cm: 6+ yards
HTC Camo 100cm: 6 yards
Skull Pattern 50cm: 1.5 feet
Digital Circuit Board 50cm: 1 foot
Trippy Paisley 50cm: 2 feet
Defected (SND) 50cm: 1 yard
Rust Bucket 100cm: 3 yards

8" PA hydrographic tanks feature: (retail $7995.00)

Professional hydrographics tank
14 gauge 304 American stainless steel
Tig welded joints
External stainless steel spray bar to maximize the whole tank for dipping area
240 volt setup
Water Resistant Nema rated control panel
High efficiency pump with stainless steel rotor
Digital PID controller
Digital timer
Allen Bradley push buttons and selector switches
Allen Bradley contactors
Allen Bradley circuit breakers (No cheap fuses used)

5' hydrographic rinse tank (retail $400.00)

Galvanized tank 5'x2'x2'
1/2 hp pump
shower heads
plastic grating

Second smaller rinse tank

LPH 400 spray gun (retail $450.00 ea.) AMAZING paint gun, can totally see why they cost what they do

Iwata Airgunsa 1.3

Tekna Copper Pro 1.3 HVLP- with 1.4 tip conversion and PPS cup adapter. This is an EXCELLENT Clear Gun with regulator.

EXPLOSION PROOF fan, your welcome to the makeshift small paint booth I constructed as well.

commercial ZERO Blast N Peen Sandblast Cabinet. This thing is a beast. You can put a whole set of car rims in this thing. I rebuilt the entire cabinet, and installed an upgraded Skat Blast Gun, with a new foot pedal. Lights rebuilt, hoses all replaced, filters/dust collector replaced. This thing has been excellent for prepping parts.

Devilbiss DAD-500 Desiccant filter with extra dessicant material

Big Brain Brain pot with upgraded tip for wider pattern (very expensive, but quality item here)

60 gallon air compressor

Maxline M7500 master kit 3/4 inch x 100 feet kit for air supply with addition fittings that have quick disconnects and drain/pressure release valves

Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 dehumidifier 70 pint for film storage area

7 piece foam durablock sanding kit

3’ x 5’ safety/antifatigue mat for wet area around tank

Brand new container of Kleanstrip EP535 Abrasive prep and clean

Water pump to drain any of the tanks if you don’t have a drain installed

Breathe Cool supplied air Respirator with a supplied air face mask, a supplied air halfmask. 2 long air supply hoses with a splitter to provide output to both has additional replaceable inserts for the full face piece. These are awesome if you are painting, as it pulls in fresh air from the outside.

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    ten quart size paint mixing lids 2 cases of which are brand new

    PPS cups, lids and dispenser

    PPS Mixing Inserts

    Jigs I built for dipping Yeti Cups
    Can of frosted Glass product

    Large Cabinet for storage of materials.

    10 large and I do mean LARGE bags of exceptional flake in many various colors , some metallic, some prismatic

    Electric Polishing tool with pads

    Electric orbital sander

    Air polishing tool for smaller parts with pads

    Various polishing compounds from 3m and other manufacturers

    Various brushes, dental applicators, toothpicks etc for touch up application

    40 various small tubes of colors for airbrushing ranging from primary colors, to metallic, to candies.

    Large or amount of sand paper ranging in grit from 220 to 1500

    stockpile of vinyl decals for projects

    silhouette vinyl cutter and software

    many different forms of tape

    large cutting mats

    air pressure regulators for main booth, airbrush station etc. various cheapo airbrushes for touch up. Not for an artist lol

    cleaning brushes for paint guns
    box of elbow length disposable gloves

    painting sleeves, I used them when I did clear coat, paint comes off, clear coat leaves your skin all tacky for days..

    new packets of tack cloths

    gun stock dipping attachment

    several gallons of different kinds of activator: Mossy sauce, hydrovator, k2 etc

    I also have 60+ speed shapes with the colors/films with different background colors that is included in the price. As well as many unused and used speed shapes

    Various display pieces, wheels, stocks, etc

    Paint: this list is NOT complete I have many other paints, candies, color shifts pearls, clears etc. everything goes

    OHW Yellow Quart - 95%
    OHW White Quart- 100%
    OHW Red Quart- 95%
    OHW Intercoat Clear Quart- 100%
    OHW Black Quart- 95%
    OHW Blue Quart- 95%
    OHW Synergy Green Quart - 60%
    OHW Metallic Silver Quart- 75%
    OHW Gloss Clear Quart: 95% + hardener

    Low Country Black Quart- 100%
    Low Country Synergy Green Quart- 100%
    Low Country Silver Quart- 100%
    Low Country Metallic Magenta (Pink) Quart- 100%
    Low Country Neon Pink Quart- 100%
    Low Country Neon Pink Quart - 50%
    Low Country Tiffany Blue Quart - 80%
    Low Country White Quart- 100%
    Low Country White Quart- 60%
    Low Country Grape Flake Quart: 50%

    Aqualac (Liquid Print) White - 80%

    10 quarts of One Hit Wonder paint never opened

    Im asking 15K for all this.

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    Holy cow is this a deal!! Wish I could jump on it. Good luck bud with the new position at work. 
  • PanamaCityHydroPanamaCityHydro Posts: 554Member ✭✭✭
    excuse the mess in the photos im in the middle of a thorough shop cleaning aka throw everything out on the floor and force myself to stop working and organize lol

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    For all you guys just starting... here it is, ready to go.
  • MidOhioHydrographicsMidOhioHydrographics Posts: 9,632Member, Moderator, Business Ninja El Moderator
    Yep... HELL of a deal!
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    Good luck in your move i guess i should stop referring people to you everytime i get requests from florida
  • norcalfranknorcalfrank Posts: 1,055Member ✭✭✭
    Wow, smokin deal
  • PanamaCityHydroPanamaCityHydro Posts: 554Member ✭✭✭
    @looch Im still around, wont be leaving immediately. i appreciate the recommendations!
  • MidOhioHydrographicsMidOhioHydrographics Posts: 9,632Member, Moderator, Business Ninja El Moderator
    And @PanamaCityHydro well done on the sale post. Perfect. Very descriptive, good photos, and very clear. Other sellers should make note.
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    Man, this is a bummer...but I wish you nothing but the best my ninja...bump for the sale...
  • PanamaCityHydroPanamaCityHydro Posts: 554Member ✭✭✭
    bump, still up for grabs.
  • FallLineFallLine Posts: 199Member ✭✭✭
    @PanamaCityHydro if you want sell just the rinse tanks and maybe some film or paint let me know im only a few hours from you and could come check them out one weekend. Message me [email protected]
  • bevobulletbevobullet Posts: 1Member
    10.000 cash for it all and will come get it this weekend
  • K2ConceptsK2Concepts Posts: 13,570Administrator El Jefe
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    Unfortunately for me, I am not american, but it is nice to see.
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    Still have the brain pot? @PanamaCityHydro
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    @parker Format the name like this, and it alerts the person you are talking too.
  • PanamaCityHydroPanamaCityHydro Posts: 554Member ✭✭✭
    @parker I do still have it, not certain I want to split.
  • parkerparker Posts: 2Member
    @parker I do still have it, not certain I want to split.
    @PanamaCityHydro I went ahead and bit the bullet and bought one. Thanks though.
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    @PanamaCityHydro Sorry to see you go....we never did get together to meet. I had a few things happen that made me postpone my grand opening but finally & thankfully it will be happening very soon!! Good luck to you
  • panduhpanduh Posts: 21Member
    @PanamaCityHydro hey man, where is all this stuff located?
  • PanamaCityHydroPanamaCityHydro Posts: 554Member ✭✭✭
    @panduh Panama City fl, 32404
  • Gab_WardenGab_Warden Posts: 2Member
    Still available?
  • PanamaCityHydroPanamaCityHydro Posts: 554Member ✭✭✭
    @Gab_Warden yes sir its all still here
  • dodevildodevil Posts: 77Member
    Hey bro. I know you dont want split the combo But im going to panama city for a jeep event on 27. Maybe you want sell the film and activator. so they dont get older. Just let me know if that make sense to you.
  • hydrographicshydrographics Posts: 3Member
    Do you still have the business for sale?
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