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    @Clueless there are many, many options available. None are going to hold up to running a rim into a curb. Nearly all are going to hold up to normal exterior automotive use since that’s what they are designed for. I like UTECH 4.0 that I get from Marc Devaud. It’s inexpensive and does very well. If we are doing a more high end job and need to save time, we go for PPG Deltron DC2000. It’s Dry enough to sand/polish in half an hour and reduces dirt nibs. But it’s $350/gallon.
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    I mostly use either Big Brains express clear or their Glamor Gloss.
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    @Clueless Big Brain Graphics also carries a clear coat called Graffiti and it's suppose to be a very hard clear. 
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    Lots of clears out there that will do what you need. Guessing what you can GET is more of a concern.
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    Yea I wouldn't waste too much time shopping for a good clear...rims get the crap beat out of them almost as soon as they go on the car...least that's our experience...
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    @Clueless How have you dipping skills progressed? Getting anywhere?
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    Hi, thanks yes due to the forums help I have much progress, I'm in the process of moving to a new premises. modifying a new dip tank and am waiting for delivery of my much needed activator. I seem to have overcome my over/under activation and extreme stretching (after having purchased a new spraygun and practicing on the paper I had left). I'll post pics as soon as I'm set up which should be in about a week, had a couple of hicups but nothing that can't be overcome.
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    @Clueless, we use Nano Chem clear, it comes in gloss, and flat, but can be mixed to give you an array of sheens.. Marc Devaud can hook you up with what you would need.
    Marc Devaud from OnPace Finishing Solutions
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