In my defense ... I was left unsupervised

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Good day All,
My name is Andres, I'm semi retired and live in Central Latin America, I discovered Hydro Graphics or Hydro Dipping purely by chance and thought it a great idea at the time. As the title explains "I was left unsupervised!" anyway after having spent a lot of money on the equipment and purchasing hydro paper I still have no idea what the hell I'm doing. No I haven't managed to get anything right once.

I luckily came across this site (thank my lucky stars) ... I almost got a hubcap right but not quite fully right. I'm pretty frustrated at this stage, however I'm sure I'll eventually get it right. One of these days. Just maybe.

I've read most of the posts on the K2 site and have picked up some really handy tips. As for training, well there isn't any available in this country and if there were it would be in Spanish where unfortunately I'm still in the learning stage as well.

My intention is to make use of Hydro Dipping to supplement my income and to keep me out of going crazy or driving my family nuts from having nothing to do.

Thanks for letting me join and thanks for all the handy tips.

Have a great weekend


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