Newb from down south "Louisiana"

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Just wanted to say Hello to everyone here! I started out a few months ago by purchasing a "My dip kit" I did a couple of hard hats with great results, and thought, this isn't that hard. Boy was I wrong. So I decided to purchase a tank and a gun, thinking, this could be a fun hobby. As if my Drag Racing hobby isn't expensive enough, now i'm addicted to Dipping. Sigh! So i scoured the depths of ebay looking for a tank to buy, I wound up buying a 6' tank from a guy in South Carolina and also purchasing a Iwata air gunsa 1.3 tip. This has to be better than dipping out of Wife's crawfish pot with a rattle can activator, right? So now I'm all big and bad now, with my own tank and activator gun, that also triples as base coat and clear coat gun. Low and behold, I cant get a good dip to save my life now :angry: Sooo, I get on this awesome forum and read and read and read and read and think I have found the solution to my problem. Yep, Under Activation, so I dig deep into my lint laden pockets and purchase the DeVilbiss GPi Exclusive package from @K2Concepts hoping this will be my Angel of Mercy. In the meantime while waiting on my Gpi, I did manage to get one good dip in with my current set up :blush: I am super determined to get somewhat proficient at this hydroaquawaterconveyance process at any cost, just don't tell my Wife please. I am a Process Operator for DOW Chemical and have Engineers at my disposal to help resolve any issues I have, in our process here at work. I feel the same way about this forum, their is no better resolution tool than what Jim has created here for dummy's like myself. Although some of you conventional wisdom guru's can be a little tough on greenhorns like myself, I just hope you don't take it easy on me, I can handle it, and look forward to it!



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