Maybe a professional eye will help

hey everyone,  I'm having an issue with this particular film and obviously I know it's lack of experience.   I'm just trying to diagnose here.   I've dipped this same stock five time now and had to re sand and paint.   Becuase of the same issue seen in the picture.   Tiny bubbles/fish eyes.   No issues when I hit a speed shape. Is it really just a bad entry angle or am I missing something else?  To my extremely amateur eye the rest of the dip looks great the colors pop and from having to sand this particular gun several times now I know I'm getting a great bite on the rest of the stock.  What do you think everyone?  I appreciate any feedback! 

  My setup is

89 degree water
90 second soak
Ohw light tan base 
We the people from big brain 
Gpi activator gun 
K2 super brew activator.   One pass


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