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Football Follies Week 2 2017

K2ConceptsK2Concepts Posts: 13,084Administrator El Jefe
edited September 2017 in K2 Contests
Week 1 is in the books and time to move on to week 2...but before we do? We need to get to this week's "Bag Of Shame" did anyone see Marshawn Lynch go "Beast Mode" on Jerrel Casey? 6'1' and 305lbs Defensive End for Pete's Sakes...Take it easy Marshawn...that's somebody's child for Goodness Sakes...Or how about Tolzien throwing 2 "Pick Six's" in a single that had to hurt...I bet he would have rather been run over by "Beast Mode"...and speaking of the Colt's (or the practice squad that showed up instead of the team?) is your Brown Paper Bag O'Shame Colts for almost getting a 50 Burger hung on them by the Rams...

And Honorable mention goes to...The Bengals for being the ONLY team to not score a single offensive point...did someone forget to tell them the season started Sunday?...Wow...Here is your Bag O'Shame Bengals...wear it well...

OK, the rules are up YOUR FAVORITE TEAM...there will be no flip-flopping here...this is for true fans who live or die every Sunday on the gridiron...this week? The biggest loser wins...Up for grabs is 5 meters of Black Carbon Fiber from me...So let's hear it for me again...WOOT...

Also as a added bonus? I will match the 5 meters of film for any Business Ninja (paying members trial members do not qualify) out of my pocket as a bonus. So if you are a paying Premium Business Ninja and you win? You get an additional 5 meters of film donated by K2 Forums...that's only the beginning of what I have planned...membership should have it's privileges right?

SO get your picks in and let it begin! Time to start that long walk of shame down to week 16...oh yea...and your picks have to be in BEFORE game time starts...or you will be disqualified...

LET'S GET IT ON!!!!!!!


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