Need help chosing better base color for carbon fiber

I was trying to design a custom paint for a KTM street bike. Looking to do carbon as part of it.
Sorry no pix, but I feel those with the answer will know exactly what I'm talking about.

Though my first experience with carbon was watching it stretch into a weird, (but cool) pattern on a helmet, it was a large carbon over Big Brains Galaxy Silver. That I over coated with clear and then tinted orange clear (Big Brain again)and more clear again.

My problem is that was too large a carbon print to my liking .( think like 6mm print to the squares).
I wanted a smaller, most realistic print so once again BigBrain, this time, small carbon, in black and clear format.
OBJECTIVE: Looking too achieve an appropriate KTM carbon.( mostly dark with some orange showing) My ideas didn't quite hit my mark.

First run, base coat BB Galaxy Silver, then dip. POW!, way too loud with the silver parts. Clearing over with orange will only make it worse.

Alright, change base. Went with OHW orange and same issue. These colors show way too loud for an adequate base.

Solutions I think of:
1) a base of grey or something toned down a bit for less pop, then candied over in orange.
2) go with orange base and kill off the briteness of orange using black tint to the clear.
3) switch films and/or take some recommend advice here maybe.

Funny, a newbie complaining his colors are too vivid!

Yeah , learning just the right amount of activator sucks, as much as I'd love a class, there's no way that's in my budget here. At least I'm working on my own stuff! Film is cheap and at the HOBBY level , so is my labor.


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    @NightinGale I use graphite metallic for my carbons from OHW. But if your colors are too loud tint them down with either a hint of black in your clear or OHW has an awesome smoke candy that will tint it also
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    Take the BB Silver and mix in regular BB Black...2/3 silver to 1/3 black will be a pewter grey with some pop because of the silver...look like this kinda...

    In direct sunlight...

    In the shade...

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    5 years ago, everyone was tinting clear to dull down silver/ black carbon. We came up with our graphite to deal with that. OHW graphite, with black/clear carbon will do the trick. For a colored carbon/ candy, go with OHW silver, black/ clear carbon, then a colored candy clearof your choice.
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    I’ll tell ya that K2 can lay down some clear. Damn that stuff looks good.
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    I have my moments...
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