PA Hydrographics tank

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Hi guys,
Getting ready for shipment of my 7ft tank, and found out tank doesn't have wheels or levelling feet. Guys with PA tanks did you build a frame to raise tank or is it sitting flat on floor with shims to level?
Current height of tank is 34 inches.


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    We can build you a framework with wheels and leveling feet no problem. We like to run our tanks flat on the floor for a few different reasons. Some people also put tank on a piece of 2" ridgid foam to help insulate. Depending how unlevel your floor is we recommend shimming tank until level.
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    Thanks @pahydrographics Jake did respond with that aswell. I can build a frame myself but was wondering what folks are doing if anything. I have heated floor so insulation not a concern, more so levelling and height.
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    Very easy bud I can walk you through it. If your floors are heated no foam. This will really help heat your tank.
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    @pbliz @pahydrographics IS Jake, it's not just a clever screen name.

    Unless you keep your floor at 90° you are still going to be sucking heat away from your tank through the floor... it's LESS, but not none.

    I have NO idea if this is a concern, but just feel I should mention a thought that occurred to me. Is there any chance that 500 gallons of water supported on 6 leveling feet might crack concrete that has heat tubes in it? I suspect I would put a 2" piece of foam under it, and call it a day.
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    Lots of reasons we don't put on feet . Ul listing being one. I'm not getting into that though....
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    Dave from Tsunami Hydrographics used wood for a frame and poured self leveling compound over a heated floor mat. I'm seriously considering this if I ever replace my tank...
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    Insulation sounds like all I will need if at all. @WileECoyote good point. I would make foot print of levelling feet similar to the car lift I have on other side of shop which is 4 post. Concrete slab was thickened just for this purpose.
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