success rate of camo?

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Is military camo far more hard than other pattern?
How is your succes rate of camo in mass production?

ps. wood and carbon patterns always success.

This one is good except a lot of hole on top...
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    What's your water temp, soak time, dwell time, activator, paint used. 

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    What are you using for activator?
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    We run camo primarily. Not those styles, but woods/sticks/leaves/grass camo and our success rate is extremely high since we are automated.

    Yeah that looks like an activator issue...
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    I would say your success rate will depend on reading your film......... If u cant its a bust almost every time
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    Hot water too
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    black crack and others fade.
    This one the black seem under activate and other colors seem over activate.
    This black has different behavior to other colors.
    The front part of item is ok but side part is disaster... Or it just a normal defect on products?
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    Those in the know.... is that a stretch of color followed along with breaks in the black because of the make up of black ink? I keep reading heavy pigments need lots of activator, yet when using "lots of activator " this tends to make colors fade by stretching easily. Is this newbie (me) reading into this properly?
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    @NightinGale You are rightish... It is both. But that is a function of dwell time after the film is activated. There was too much activator applied, yes, but not enough dwell time after applying the activator for the black ink to fully melt. During that dwell time, some of the activator would have evaporated off to keep the other colors from running while fully melting the black ink....
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    @fghhfg , you replied to the post but you didn't provide the information that was being asked of you...
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    Where is the film from? I've never seen any of these. Sometimes people just sell crappy film.
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