New Here

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Hi Folks!

New guy here, Been lurking and reading and soaking in information.

I love creating cool things, my main job is not doing that so I had to have another outlet to feed the need, and this accomplishes that!

Strange thing happened, I had done some Tumblers and posted on a local for sale page.

Well that generated a call from a small store in town and now I am doing mugs for them, They sent me to another shop and did a few for them, Also powder coating for another.
Total unexpected situation but non the less I am having a blast figuring it all out.

I have had success, Failure, Frustration and all the answers to what I faced are in HERE!

I have ordered from the sponsors here, films, activators, OHW and what not, What a fantastic base here of knowledge AND product.

I thank you all for having and contributing to this site, Truly a blessing to the small guy!

A few pics, I hope I loaded them right.


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