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I have a deer skull from a buddy that he had "porfessionally" done. (Euro mount). It is flakey and dull. This guy tried to, what looks like spray paint it with a pearl white paint and all of it is flaking off. It still looks crappy. I am trying to fix this other guys mistake. How do I .... 1. Remove the paint with out daminging the bone   2. harden what bone is left? 
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    Your not a magician i would either give it back to him or maybe give it a coat of paint. I wouldnt dip something that bad
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    Thanks Looch 
        I've only done a few skulls from the beginning to end. I'm going to give it the best shot I can. I welcome the challenge and want to try and fix it. It's my best friend so there will be no disappointment how it turns out. He's just disappointed on how much he paid the guy to do it. 
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    The reason the paint is flaking is because oils are leaching out of the bone. I would sandblast the paint off with some walnut shell or soda, then soak the skull in acetone to strip the oil. Then paint it whatever you want, dip after that or whatever.
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    Thanks WileECoyoted
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    It may still have oils leaching out of the bone, affecting adhesion.

    I'd first try some compressed air at close range. It may flake most of it off if it's coming off fairly easy already.
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    Yup what Wiley said

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    After you have soda blasted the skull, you can preserve and harden it with PVAc (Polyvinyl Acetate), a close cousin of the PVA film that you use in hydrographics. It a common preservative used in the archeological preservation of bones and fossils.

    I have some left over from my experimenting with ink fixatives if you would like to buy some, I'll send it your way. $10 plus shipping.
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    That does not look like paint.  More than likely who ever cleaned it boiled it too long and the bone is flaking.   Most of the time you can take a small wire brush and knock off the flakes and even take some fine sand paper and smooth it out.  If you see wet spots than there is still grease in there and you can use acetone. Or dawn and hot water to remove the Rest.  After your done with the skull and you want to keep it white you can use modge podge and thin it down to seal the skull. 
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