Water filtration

Is it possible to filter out most if not all of the activator from the water in the tank??? I'm wanting to set up a closed loop system with filtration so I don't have to dump water often if at all. Any info you can provide will be greatly appreciated!


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    You would need carbon filters of some sort. Filtering out the solids (residual film) wouldn't be bad, but activator will be difficult. It is a solvent that dissolves into the water. I've heard of people using above ground pool filters and it working very well. May be something readily available to try first. For an average user, it would take a very long time for the water to become too saturated with activator. We have used upwards of 6+ gallons of activator over a 3 week period and nothing was affected.
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    Leave your tank circulating and the activator will mostly evaporate away. How much are you spraying daily for this to be a concern? Even production guys only refill their tanks after several weeks of spraying all day 5 days a week.
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    You only change the water when it starts to stink from bacteria. The solvent is gone after a few minutes. Whatever effort you are going to stick into killing all the bacteria is going to be significantly more expensive than just dumping the water. In addition to that, you have to dunk your hands into that water with all those chemicals in it.
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    Appreciate the information!!! What I've been able to find jives with what you are telling me. Carbon filters and aeration will take care of most of it. As for the bacteria issue if I figure out a cheap solution I'll be sure to post it!

    We won't be spraying a ton of activator. This is really going to be a side business for us and a fun hobby we can make a little money at.
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    Cap of bleach will keep the smell down 
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    I have heard of guys using pool filtration systems...particularly sand filters...they swear by them but I just have not had the time to hook one up and try it...not enough hours in the day anymore...
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