50/50 dipping do's and donts

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I didn't take any pics of this due to running way behind in the shop, but I figure my findings may help some of the new guys. I dip a lot of gun stocks, wood and synthetic both.. My technique is almost always a 50\50 dip, taping one side off , dip , wash, untape , dry , tape dipped side, and dip again.... So like I said I've been a little behind and was gonna try the kiwi style dip... That is taping one side, dipping, pull the tape and dry undipped side, and dip again without washing or taping up the dipped side. On two different hits the stock was way overactivated at the seam. Now this film is fall camo from BB and it likes the activator, but its never gave me a reason to not like it in the past. So after speaking with Jim @K2Concepts and listing to him tell me basically " why the heck are u changing sh*& when everything was fine the way you were doing it" lol , I went back to the regular 50/50 dip like normal folks would do. Moral of the story I guess.... don't try to change what your doing to save a little time and cost yourself more time/money in the end. IDK what really caused this to happen, I just know it doesn't work for me. Hope this helps some of you guys in the future.


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