Another video I made for our very own dip kit

hydrographicsindiahydrographicsindia Posts: 401Member ✭✭✭
hey guys been a while since I posted anything ,just need honest suggestions about this promo I made 

Happy dipping 


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    Your video indicates applying multiple thin coats (correctly) but the video shows the paint being applied in one very thick coat...

    No need to shake the activator can... The ingredients don't separate. And it's actually bad to shake an activator rattle can, it forces the propellant to mix and alters the intended formula.

    If you are gonna specify a 90 second soak time, you need to specify the temperature for that length of time. (60 seconds at 32C or 90 seconds at 26C... Etc.)

    You need to mention the entry angle of the part, and why the user needs to dip at that angle....

    You need to mention to check for "slimy" areas during the rinse. A set 5-minute rinse may not be enough....

    "Wallah" is spelled Voila!

  • hydrographicsindiahydrographicsindia Posts: 401Member ✭✭✭
    @studebaker thanks for your suggestions,my activator can has very low pressure to spray more activator so we need to shake it well before use our new batch is perfect it has more pressure
    And wallha is a Asian slang
    I also included detailed written instruction with each kit so purpose of this video is just promotional not education 

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