K2 Rocks...

OBeeOBee Posts: 22Member
I have to compliment Jim at K2 Concepts with their customer service it's always been amazing never had issues.
I order 5 gallons of activator of K2 super Brew at a time. One day while I look at sitting in my shop looking at the bottles they were all at different levels and they were inconsistent. On a different forum I wasn't hacking on Jim or bashing K2 I just thought it was kind of funny that the levels were so inconsistent I know that the product is drop shipped and Jim never sees it before it leaves.
 Somebody from this forms saw this and let Jim know and unexpectedly I received a gallon of K2 Super Brew from Jim at no charge... This type customer service will keep me coming back to K2 Concepts ...
 I do have to applaud you Jim because without your instructional videos 4 years ago I would have drowned myself in my tank...lol thank you for everything that you do for the dip business and thank you for the great products..And now I salute you with a Corona for the haters!


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    @OBee Hey thank you for taking the time to write this and I appreciate it...even on the "other" forum...lol...thank you for your support and let me know if there is anything else we can do for you...
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